<The Bridge> by HAL09999


Genify will launch on Conflux Network and release the 1st Multi-chain Curated project <The Bridge> on November 22nd .

Artwork Introduction: The Bridge

< The Bridge > is an interactive and autonomous journey through hyperdimensions.

All theories about the universe converge on the idea that there are more than the 3 or 4 physical dimensions perceived in everyday life. Maybe these higher dimensions are bigger, or maybe they are smaller than our tools can measure.

A capture on the generated universe topology

Explore the multitude of generated aesthetic spaces. Each universe includes a set of cosmic objects (stars, clusters, pulsars…) as well as a representation of possible orthogonal dimensions projected into the space of the screen.

The right way to travel the universe:


Keyboard W/S or Z/S or / : control speed

Mouse drag : control direction

Keyboard Z/D or Q/D or / : yaw (horizontal orientation)


Keyboard Spacebar : capture current image (max 1920x1080 px)

Each work is a journey through a multidimensional universe containing 1.5 million stellar objects.

Your journey will drop on genify, Nov 22 UTC 12:00 ( HKT 20:00 )

Have a nice trip !

About HAL09999

  • HAL09999 uses codes and custom algorithms to create digital artworks.
  • Inspired by a strong interest for topics stemming from nature and sciences, HAL09999 combines curiosity, technology and chaos to explore aesthetics spaces and reveal or discover novel structures.
  • In parallel with teaching computer sciences, electronics, physics and digital arts, he also worked as scientific and technical advisor for other contemporary artists and international art galleries.
  • HAL09999’s productions have been internationally shown in New-York (USA), London (GB), Tokyo (JP), Paris (FR), Zurich (CH), Valencia (SP), and on multiple platforms on the Internet.

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