Terpenos by Marcelo Moura-EN

Marcelo Moura Introduction

Electronic composer, motion and sound designer working with modular and open source computers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dead_marcelo

Artwork Introduction: Terpenos

Publish platform: https://genify.xyz/collection/34/items

Mint time: April 24th 12:00 UTC (Hong Kong time 20:00)

As the alkaloids evaporate, the terpenes organize themselves molecularly in space, traveling uniformly through the air.

Click anywhere in the animation to start the musical album “Terpenos” on a digital modular synthesizer, simulating the eurorack, a performance lasting approximately 9 minutes.

Live code realized in hydra.ojack.xyz, a WebGL-based live code video synthesizer inspired by modular synthesis, the live code animation will play perpetually once the animation starts.



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