Multi-chain generative art platform Genify will join the Conflux ecosystem to jointly build the cultural circle of generative art


Genify ( ) is an innovative multi-chain generative art platform incubated by Lambda. As a leading NFT platform in the field of generative art, Genify will officially launch on Conflux Network next week.

This collaboration with Conflux is a significant step towards expanding generative and crypto art into a broader market. Genify and Conflux will use Hong Kong as a hub to jointly foster the development of generative art in Asia and beyond. Together we will explore cooperation in the areas of encrypted art commercialization and brand digital assets.

Just as Tyler Hobbs, one of the most renowned artists in this field, said, “There’s a new art form on the rise. Generative art has existed since the 1960s, but the new on-chain generative art platforms are pushing the medium in an exciting new direction. While many of the generative techniques are the same, the goals for the program output are wildly different from before. The direct path from the script to the viewer, as well as the large number of iterations, encourages artists to create a special class of artistic algorithm, what I’ll refer to here as long-form generativism.”

[Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs]

Today, platforms like Art Blocks, fxhash, and Genify allow the artist to create a generative script (e.g., Fidenza) that is written to the Ethereum/Tezos/Conflux blockchain, making it permanent, immutable, and verifiable. Next, the artist specifies how many iterations will be available to be minted by the script. A typical choice is in the 500 to 1000 range. When a collector mints an iteration, the script is run to generate a new output, and that output is wrapped in an NFT and transferred directly to the collector. Nobody, including the collector, the platform, or the artist, knows precisely what will be generated when the script is run, so the full range of outputs is a surprise to everyone.

In the past two years, generative art has become mainstream among artists. Works like Fidenza have been sold through Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses, with individual works trading for several hundred thousand to millions of dollars. Among the collectors are many world-renowned museums and galleries. Generative art, as one of the most successful cases in the field of cryptocurrency, has been brought into the real world.

[Garden Monuments by Zancan and Yazid]

Meanwhile, artists from many countries and regions around the world are looking to enter the world of Web3 and art through blockchain and generative art. Genify has successfully curated and discovered many new promising artists and artistic groups from places like Brazil, France, and Taipei, China, and has also attracted Eastern art collectors to join the community of generative art collectors.

Currently, the primary distribution platforms for artists reside on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. However, Ethereum’s high gas fees have become a barrier for many artists looking to enter the generative art collection field. On the other hand, Tezos is not EVM-compatible.

To address these challenges, the Genify team has been searching for a blockchain that offers low gas fees, a supportive community atmosphere, and EVM compatibility. After careful consideration, they ultimately decided to choose Conflux.

[Arboretum by matt perkins on Genify]

Shaun8149, the founder of Genify, said, “We have been paying attention to Conflux since 2020, and we have noticed the advantages and progress of Conflux in terms of technology, community, and culture. Since 2023, Asia and Hong Kong have become the next most crucial areas for cryptocurrencies.Therefore, choosing Conflux is like choosing to stand on the side of the future.”

Chief Curator Jimi Wen from the community and artist Halo9999 spoke highly of Genify’s decision to join the Conflux ecosystem. Halo9999 gladly agreed to have their recent significant creations launched on Conflux. As an artist curated by Feralfile, Halo has shown support for the Genify community and the artist group through their actions toward Conflux.

Genify was founded by members 2211, 8149, and 6109 from the cryptopunk community. They are artists and collectors who, apart from collecting punks, also own a substantial amount of rare generative art pieces. For instance, the Fidenza 475 collected by 8149 is ranked fourth in rarity in the entire Fidenza series.

Genify originated as the world’s largest third-party community for generative art enthusiasts. The community was established for better discussion, learning, and research of generative art, and it received a $2 million investment from MultiCoin Capital in 2021 (the community was named Eyesfi at that time). It eventually evolved into a primary issuance platform for generative art, dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging and young generative artists, and allowing most people to obtain their first generative art collection at an affordable price.

Shaun8149 said, “In just two short years, the price of top generative artworks has risen from a few hundred dollars each to millions of dollars each. I still remember the excitement of an ordinary Uber driver in our community when they used their subsidy to buy their first piece of generative art. I want there to be more people like that, allowing more people to get exposed to and purchase generative art. That is our mission.”

【Evenly-Spaced FlowLines by shaun8149】

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As the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, Conflux provides a unique advantage for projects building and expanding into Asia. Conflux has collaborated with global brands and government entities in the region on blockchain and metaverse initiatives, including the city of Shanghai, McDonald’s China, and Oreo.

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