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yenren Introduction

I am yenren, a generative artist from Turkey. I met generative art in early 2022, and since then, it’s been the biggest passion of my life. I can say that, with genart, I found the best way to express my creativity, and reflect what’s in my mind and soul and share it with the world.

What I like the most about genart is that usually the algorithm takes over control of the concept I’m working on and takes it to places that I couldn’t even imagine or “design” if I wanted to.

Lately, my days are divided into two: times I am making genart, times I am thinking of genart. I am currently working on multiple WIPs. I also have an ever-growing pile of concepts that I want to work on and new ideas just keep coming!






Artwork Introduction: Infinite Possibilities

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Mint time: April 28th 12:00 UTC (Hong Kong time 20:00)

Existence is a combination of infinite possibilities that come to life in harmony, concurrently. Every day, every step, every breath brings us new possibilities. Some of them may be great and what we wished for, some may not be that great or even desirable. Either way, it is up to us how and where we meet those possibilities, and how we let them shape us and our lives.

In Infinite Possibilities, I explored one single algorithm deeper and deeper, to see the possibilities it will generate, and then explored each possibility further, resulting in things which were not intended or expected from the beginning.

Exhibitions and well-known cooperation cases:

In my works, instead of aiming for a pre-defined conceptual design, I mostly try new algorithms and let them show me the way. For me, the most fun part of genart is the moments when the algorithm draws totally unexpected, yet beautiful things.

My first genart work was released on (Polygon) early 2022. I then continued with (Tezos) and (Tezos), releasing many works on Tezos blockchain. Recently, I also released a work on (Bitcoin).

Here are some of the works I released in 2022:

You can also read my following interview to learn more about me and my works.



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