Genify Invitation System Is Live Now: Verified Artists can invite new artists to join to release works and earn the shared royalty here


We are very excited that Genify has received a lot of attention from artists and collectors since it was launched on the Lambda mainnet. In order to connect with more and better artists and establish better market liquidity, Genify has launched the invitation code system for artists.New artists can become verified artists through the invitation code.

How to get the invitation code for being a new artist?

New Artists can obtain the invitation code in two ways:

1. By getting it from an artist who already possesses a code, ensuring that you establish a connection with our community’s core members.

2. By filling out the verification application form. Our support team will review your details accordingly.

Our team will complete the review and respond to you within 72 hours. If your application is approved, you will receive an exclusive invitation code.

For Verified artists ,how to get more invitation codes and earn more?

1. Successfully sell out a project on the Genify platform, meaning all items in the project have been minted, and then you will receive one invitation code.

2. For every additional 1,000,000 LAMB in trading volume of your works ,you will also receive one invitation code.

Associated Benefits:

When an artist gets verified and publishes a project on Genify using your invitation code, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. For each minting of their works, you receive an additional 8% commission.

2. For each sale of their works, you receive an additional 2% commission.

How are shared royalties distributed now?

Primary Market: Artist — 90%, Inviter — 8%, Market — 2%

Secondary Market: Artist — 5%, Inviter — 2%, Market — 1%

How to use Invitation Code to become a Verified Artist?

1.Go to your profile page on the Genify ( ).

2.Choose ‘Apply as an artist’,and fill in the Invitation Code you have got on the page and ‘Confirm’.

3.If your Invitation Code is available, there will be a prompt ‘Congratulations! You have successfully verified your account’.

4.After verifying successfully, you can create new collections at this stage.

How to check your Invitation Code ?

1.Return to your profile page ( ) and go to ‘Invitation Code ’.

2.In ‘Invitation Code’ ,you will see your invitation code.

Write to you:

We are committed to building Genify into an open, vibrant, and innovative art community. If you are a generative artist, you can become a verified artist and release your own art collections through an invitation code.

We hope that every artist cherishes this community, and we wish to see outstanding art collections receive the recognition they deserve within the community. Therefore, we urge artists to treat every release with utmost seriousness, as this will directly influence your ability to release works on Genify multiple times.

Finally ,thank you for choosing Genify.

We look forward to thriving and innovating in generative art together with you!

Happy earning !

Hit us up if you have any questions or comments.






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