Genify 2.0 Officially Launches with Integrated Shared Royalty Transaction Protocol


As a multi-chain generative art platform, Genify hopes to build a new paradigm of Web3 crypto art through generative art and establish an Eastern art ecosystem to connect with more and better artists, and discover more talent that has not yet entered the art NFT field.

At present, generative art needs better market liquidity.

Therefore, Genify officially introduces a brand new shared royalty transaction protocol and curator system in order to feed back the growth dividend of the generative art market to the community, curators, collectors, artists and traders.

Here are the four major features of Genify 2.0:

Shared Royalty Transaction Protocol

Royalties should not become an obstacle to platform development, but should become an effective means of regulating sharing within the community, incentivizing liquidity and rewarding collectors’ contributions. Therefore, Genify will integrate an innovative shared royalty transaction protocol and build an incentive pool based on it, which will motivate users participating in transactions with most of this income.

Under the mechanism of shared royalty transactions, in addition to the traditional artist royalty income, curators and trading users will fully enjoy the prosperity dividends of the trading market.

The Curation System

Genify hopes to form a prosperously developing ecology of artists through the curator system, building a web3 art influence network and constantly curating new artists to promote platform works to achieve better market performance. Curators need to obtain curation tokens through token staking and then consume them in curations. As key recommender of artists and promoter of project release, curators will obtain part of the transaction income from their curated projects.

Prosperous Multi-Chain Art Platform

Genify hopes to become a globalized Web3 generative art cultural center. In addition to Lambda, it will gradually connect Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon and other chains, and bring incremental users and collector artist groups to the Web3 world through generative art and NFT.

On Genify, users can freely trade and collect generative art NFTs through different blockchains.

Full-Stack NFT Infrastructure Services

Genify leverages the security, speed and scalability of Lambda decentralized storage network to expand a richer generative art ecology.

Based on Lambda’s decentralized storage, Genify provides artists and developers with full-stack modules for generative art testing, NFT transaction protocols, NFT issuance protocols and NFT storage services. At the same time, the all-new LWS (Lambda Web3 Service) data storage service delivers a secure, fast and reliable user experience.

On Genify, artists can efficiently test and create their own generative art collections, and set attributes, rarity and meta data for each work. They are free to self-own or collaborate with curators to issue and sell NFTs.

Genify hopes to build better art brands and explore more business possibilities together with the community, artists and curators. Apart from Artblocks in California and FxHash in France, Genify will become an important artistic force born in Asia and one of the world’s major art platforms.



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